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Quick access to market price

An entry into every application and geography

A procedure which eliminates non-performing counterparts

Advice on opportunities to sell short or long

The adequate quality at the right price

Strategic and tactical advice

Possibility of long term supply

Reverse auction strategy

Professionals in oleochemicals

HBI negotiates deals on behalf of sellers and buyers and issues contracts sealing these deals. We do not take ownership of the products we broker as this would be a conflict of interest with our objective of providing neutral and independent expertise to our customers. We are remunerated on a commission basis.

What is a broker and why use HBI as yours?

As brokers HBI has built up an expertise which aims to optimize transactions to the satisfaction of both parties.

Ensure a better deal than what would be achieved directly

Cover all geographic opportunities

Access a network of 2000 qualified players of our industry

Obtain appropriate advice from an expert

Save time and maximise value

Receive administrative backup to execute your contracts

sellers buyers

What is an agent and why use HBI as yours?

As agents, HBI works exclusively in the interest of a principal with the objective to capture market share in the long term. Our team specifically dedicates their time and experience to ensure your business development.

Enter every application and geography

Advice of how to build your supply chain to end customers

Get the benefits from 30+ years' of experience in oleochemicals

Protect your reputation through our loyalty and reliability

Administrative backup customized to execute your contracts

supplier principal




HBI provides the highest level of service and contractual protection to our customers.

Our quality system enables to improve our procedures continuously, accumulating good practices since 1986.


International positioning

HBI’s wholly owned subsidiary offices are active in all the main oleochemical markets and provide HBI’s customers with an edge in anticipating global trends and reaching overseas customers.



Auctions are powerful tool when used at the right time. HBI has been holding auctions since 2001.



HBI’s position in teh market is strong enough to enable our customers to use our prices as an independant benchmark.

Our publishing house Oleoline is a reliable and accurate reporter of the oleochemical market and its raw materials.

our history

Founded in 1986, HBI has always evolved at the heart of the oleochemical business. We have through time, work and expertise built a solid network of offices located in key geographies. HBI is now leaded by the second generation of Directors headed by Jonathan Heming as CEO.